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Copper Tube&Finned Tube
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Copper Tube&Finned Tube
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Product introduction

Kasera Fin Tube offers Embedded Fin Tubes for solutions where higher temperatures, continuous thermal cycling and tube vibration due to high velocity air streams can cause failures. The fin is mechanically embedded into a groove that is plowed in the tube O.D. and is locked into place by rolls that force the groove to tightly close around the fin base.

Embedded finned tubes are commonly used in applications with metal temperatures up to 450 degrees C.

Tube/Pipe Size 12.7 MM to 50 MM outside diameter
Fin Height 6 to 16 MM
Fin Thickness 0.4 to 0.8
Pitch of Fin 6 to 12 MM
Tube Materials Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel / Copper / Bronze
Fin Materials Aluminium or copper
Tube Length 15 Meter
Operation Fully automatic

Fin tube reference

Carbon steel fins are available on carbon, stainless steel, or copper tube. Please call for a specific size if not listed


Type Description Base tube Fin specification (mm)
O.D. (mm) Fin pitch Fin height Fin thick
Embedded G-type fin tueb 16-63 2.1-5 <17 ~0.4
Extruded Single metal combined metal 8-51 1.6-10 <17 0.2-0.4
Low fin tube t-type fin tube 10-38 0.6-2 <1.6 ~0.3
Bamboo tube corrugated tube 16-51 8-30 <2.5 /
Wound l/kl/ll type fin tube 16-63 2.1-5 <17 ~0.4
String String fin tube 25-38 2.1-3.5 <20 0.2-0.5
U-type U-type tube 16-38 / / /
Welding HF-welding fin tube 16-219 3-25 5-30 0.8-3
H/HH type fin tube 25-63 8-30 <200 1.5-3.5
Studed fin tube 25-219 8-30 5-35 φ5-20

According to user needs, we can produce all kinds of steel strip winding finned tube and steel aluminum composite finned tube.


Carbon steel fins are available on carbon, stainless steel, or copper tube. Please call for a specific size if not listed

We offer you a broad portfolio of materials and can expand our offering at any time to meet your specific needs regarding thermal conductivity, mechanical properties, or corrosion resistance.

  • Base tube: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Copper, Cupro Nickel, Aluminium, Alloy Steel
  • Fin: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Copper, Aluminium
  • Rings: Carbon steel, Aluminium, Hot dip galvanizing
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