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The Quality Requirement And Process Of Seamless Steel Pipe
As we all know, the seamless steel pipe is mainly for transporting all kinds of gas and liquid. So the seamless pipe don't allow any cutting and welding. It will cause missing with cutting or welding in the transport.Of course, the quality of the seamless steal pipe should be qualified, otherwise it will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.
Certainly, the main chemical constituents of seamless steel pipe is steel. The composition of the steel also has effect on performance, that it is the main basis for making process. There are many other element besides the steel. You should control residual elements appropriately, especially for the harmful elements. And you also should improve the purity of steel to reduce impurities in the tube billet. It is allowed to have small deviation range with outer diameter of the seamless steel pipe. At the same time, the thickness accuracy of steel pipe should be controlled well. It will has effect on the thickness accuracy with a little mistake in the production process.
The surface of the production should be smoothly and without blunt edges and burrs. The production with cracks, folded or rolled out don't allowed to be selling or using because there are dangerous defects. Besides the problem of the surface, the internal defects of steel pipe should be taken examine carefully. When you are heating, the temperature should be controlled suitable, in order to prevent deformation of steel. And with the too big corrective force, it will cracks on the surface of steel pipe.
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